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One day implants in Massapequa

At Dental Implants and Periodontology of Massapequa, our Massapequa dentist office can create implants right in our offices for patients who are seeking one day implants. Our services include periodontal therapy, dental implants, crown lengthening and gingival grafts as well as sinus lifts, osseous surgery and laser dentistry, which allows for a quicker, less painful healing process.

Our doctors, Dr. Amandeep Kaur and Dr. Hasday have over 36 years of experience in periodontal care and implant placement treatments. Our individual treatment methods will allow you to feel cared for and like you’re in good hands while at our offices. Our one day implants are done in just one stage and do not require a second step. These types of implants use an implant with an extension piece attached to make things easier and quicker. Our Massapequa dentist office can tell you more about our one day implants.

Dental implants need sufficient gum and bone in order to properly place them. If there is not enough bone in their jaw for the implant to fuse to, a bone grafting procedure can be done at our Massapequa dentist office. The bone graft is usually taken from existing bone on a certain part on the patient’s body, or from donor bone. For more information on this and other exciting procedures, call us today. Ask us about any of our procedures and feel free to ask questions to make sure that you’re educated enough to make the right decision for your dental care. Patients can make appointments on our website or call to make one. Our offices are open Monday through Saturday and closed on Sunday. Besides implants we also do soft tissue grafts, pocket reductions and sinus augmentations.

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